Perelman, Marc

Art between reflection and project


Unlike Karl Marx, the questions relative to the art were more treated in Karel Kosik’s Dialectics of Concrete. But as Marx the analysis of the art to Kosik is profoundly connected to their dialectical thought which treats art not as only representation or illustration of the reality. Because it is a method of thought, the implemented dialectic by Kosik reproduces intellectually and conceptually the dynamics of art which requires an interpretation and arouses number of meanings. The unity of the art – from the picture’s painter to the city – is thus indicated by its double character at the same time of expression and creation of the reality which shows in art itself. Whatever their time of appearance, art is always an indication of the relationship from man towards the nature, the degree towards his freedom, the structuring of the space in which they deploy themselves. In brief, art is at the same time reflection of the world and project of world.