Profant, Martin

Herbert Marcuse’s and Karel Kosík’s Heideggerian Marxism – one title for two different matters


Kosík’s Dialectics of the Concrete admits thematically and terminologically strong inspiration by Heidegger’s philosophy from era of Sein und Zeit. In essays from second half of sixties and nineties is provable inspired reading of Heidegger’s later works. Therefore analogically to Herbert Marcuse is Kosík sometimes mentioned as Heideggerian Marxist or Existential Marxist. I show, that exactly these motives make it possible to think about affinity between Kosík and Marcuse, don’t have ties to Heidegger’s inspiration. Generally I test the question whatever or not, would the concepts of Heideggerian Marxism even be established without the right line of Marxism being required by power and I say, that such concepts can be useful today in framework of studying practices of thinking, eventually strategies of creating solidary scholar’s groups but are inappropriate and confusing in history of philosophy.