Farina, Alessandra

Praxis and Labour in Kosík’s Dialectics of the Concrete and the constitutively needing nature of subject in The Functioning of the Sciences and the Meaning of Man by Enzo Paci

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This work analyses the role of praxis in the thought of Kosík and its relation with labour. The latter becomes – by the interpretation of praxis as an endless moment of openness to the being in its entirety – the project of a realization of human essence through the social constitution of our being situated in nature. Moreover, it examines the subjective

action, addressed to emancipation, according to the phenomenological Marxism proposed by Enzo Paci. Te aim of the comparison of the thought of these two authors is to analyse:

(1) the important infuence that Kosík had on Paci’s analysis of phenomenological subject in relation to the structure of need described by Marx; (2) the conceptual enrichment that Paci’s analysis could give to the idea of praxis as an intersubjective moment of emancipation.