Kužel, Petr

The World of the Pseudoconcrete, Ideology and Theory of the Subject

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The aim of this paper is to explore the links between Kosík’s conception of the pseudoconcrete and Althusser’s conception of the ideology. According to Kosík a phenomenal forms of reality are “diverse and often contradict to law of the phenomenon, the structure of the things.” This collection of phenomena that penetrate the consciousness of acting individuals with immediacy and self-evidence that lend them a semblance of autonomy and naturalness constitute according to Kosík the world of the pseudoconcrete. For Kosík this routine thinking is “ideological form of everyday human activity“. The paper shows that there is correspondence between this conception and Althusser’s conception of ideology. Nevertheless, whereas Althusser’s conception of ideology is not capable to theorise a overcoming o ideology, in other words its not capable to conceptualize form of subject, which would be really subversive to logic of the system (because the subject is for Althusser always a product of ideological interpellations), Kosík’s conception of destruction of the world of pseudoconcrete is connected with conception of subversive, even revolutionary subject. In consideration that the question of emergence of the subject capable to overcome the logic of the system is a central question of many actual philosophers the paper will treat this problematic.