RNDr. Mgr. Alice Koubová, PhD PhD

after study of mathematics, she received her DEA diploma in philosophy at the Université de Genève and her PhD in philosophy from the Faculty of Arts and Letters in Prague and Université Paris X. She studied selected courses at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and at the Musical Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She works as a researcher at the Department of Contemporary Continental Philosophy at the Philosophical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic. Her main focus is to explore the possibilities of phenomenology as phenopractice. She connects these approaches with open dramatic plays, themes of happiness, relaxed awareness, surplus of sense, and self-knowledge. She is interested in the ways in which knowledge, feeling, and self-knowledge, in their mutual intertwinnig, can be cultivated to make philosophy relevant on a deeper level. To do this, she develops philosophical reflections dealing with the unsignifiable, undesignable, and intangible sense which, nevertheless, gives itself in experience. She attempts to describe the topological strucutre of subjectivity where the concept of detachment and generality is re-formulated.


MgA Václava Křesadlová, PhD

studied with the theatre faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts at the department of Authorial Creation and Pedagogy. She works there as an assistent of dialogic action. She also works as a psychotherapist in an institution for curing addictions while dedicating herself to depth psychology. Her main focus is on the issues of authorship, authorial action, and their connection with depth psychology and philosophy.


Mgr. Milena Fridmanová

I received my M.A. in philosophy and aesthetics with a concentration in theatre from the Presov University in Slovakia. Having obtained a stipend, I moved to Prague where I currently work as a doctoral student at the Department of Philosophy and Natural Sciences with the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Charles University. I spent part of my studies at the Albert-Ludwigs Universität in Freiburg. In my dissertation I try to come up with a philosophical reflection of creative experience which I gain from practical activities, such as the improvisational practice of Ivan Vyskočil with the title dialogic action with an inner partner, drama and music improvisations, as well as the creative thinking of Edwarda deBona. Currently, I dedicate myself mostly to the writing of my dissertation, teaching a course on philosophy at the Department of Authorial Creation and Pedagogy at DAMU, and occasional courses on the method of the so-called thinker‘s hats.
In my work I try to connect bodily perception with speech articulation which not only sheds a reflecting light on experience, but also contributes to its transformation. I am interested in the possibility of intentional creation of a secure space—both in the realm of thought as well as in the realm of artistic creation—where I can rid myself of the already known and leave myself to that which seeks to arrive to expression in a given situation and which, in contrast, loses its power to express itself; a space in which I can witness this emerging and disappearing.


Mgr. Jan Puc

is a Ph.D. candidate at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. His specialization is phenomenology of corporeality, questions concerning human individuality and self-understanding and nature of creativity. He defended his Master thesis “To be oneself. A critique of Heidegger’s concept of authenticity” in 2009. He is also a co-editor of a book on Nietzsche, published 2011. Recently, he focuses his research on the creative dimension of human expressivity and mutual overlapping of philosophy and art.

Improvisation and experimentation let patterns and concepts that we experience arise again. Playfulness and thoroughness, experiment and responsibility, or abstract thinking and personal commitment, emerge as different, yet inseparable attitudes toward the unfinished basis of experience. Experiencing these attitudes cultivates the ability to be the author of one’s utterance and expressions, to trust one’s intuition, and, generally, to create. Here, I am in contact with the living mystery which philosophy should not hide from but try to understand instead.


Doc. PhDr. Vladimír Chrz, Ph.D.

I studied psychology at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University. I work as a research worker in the Psychological Institute of AV ČR. I teach primarily in the Psychology Department of the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University, partly also at the Brno Department of Psychology (FSS MU) and at the department of Theatre Studies (FF MU). I have for a long time been trying to develop a psychosemiotic standpoint (psychology of metaphor, narrative psychology, etc.) Since 2007 I have worked with the Department of Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy at DAMU. I am working with and trying to understand the technique called acting with the inner partner. At present I am trying to combine Jung’s conception of active imagination (I consider‚ acting with the inner partner to be an embodied dramatic form of this) with the hermeneutic conception of Paul Ricoeur and with the semiotic of expression of Nelson Goodman. The result of this attempt is my conception of expression as an act of ‚signature imprinting‘. Dialogue with the inner partner and open dramatic play are for me a way to experimentally examine (that is experiment and experience) bodily expression together with the meanings that are created in this way. These activities create a opportunity for commonly shared self-transformation. I understand the philosophy in experiment as ‚continuing the dialogue with the inner partner by other means‘. That means as a possibility how to continue in this collective work, which begins as play involving open dramatic physical expression, through texts, thoughts and the creation of concepts. And also how to go back and test these texts and ways of thinking through further dialogue with the inner partner and dramatic play.